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About the Time Bank

Stuart Area Time Bank is sponsored by the Stuart Chamber of Commerce, with the purpose of supporting and growing community through connections.

We all could use a little help sometimes and can often feel uncomfortable or even burdensome asking those we care about to give their time and energy to helping us. Time Banking is a guilt-free way to ask the community for that help. You are able to get the help you need from those that have the skills or abilities needed, while giving you the opportunity to help those you are able too in exchange.

Whether you’re teaching someone a skill, sewing/knitting, lifting, cleaning, shopping, or just providing a nice conversation, the possibilities are endless. You’re helping your neighbors while earning credit for things you need help with, without having to pay. You’re paying your neighbors with the one thing you have regardless of your financial situation, your time.

Please watch this short video to learn more about what time banking is all about.

Why a Time Bank?

The idea behind the Stuart Chamber of Commerce starting this program is an easier way for our community to engage with one another and grow closer together. It allows us to help the people and organizations in our community that are working for the betterment of us all. We want to help those in need by volunteering our time and skills for the growth and betterment of Stuart and surrounding communities. Everyone has a skill, service, talent, or ability that someone else could benefit from, regardless of your age, physical ability, or financial standing. It’s not just a new way of volunteering it’s a whole system where you receive goods and services in return for your in-kind contributions.

The Chamber would like to further recognize community involvement in the program by providing recognition to the community member(s) that give the most to program and our community. So please get involved, encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to get involved. Let us bring a bit of that small town hospitality back to Stuart!