Comprehensive Plan Schedule

November 12th, 2019:
Go over additional input sessions and draft public survey.

December 2019:
No meeting

January 13th, 2020:
Finalize public survey, 2 new Council members

February 10th, 2020:
Go over community profile chapters (introduction, planning process, history, and demographics).

March 9th, 2020:
Housing, Parks and Rec., Transportation, and Infrastructure

April 13th, 2020:
Community Facilities, Economic Development, Hazards, Ag, and Natural Resources

May 11th, 2020:
Land Use, Survey Results, and Goals/Implementation

June 8th, 2020:
Present draft to Council/Public Comment period

July 2020:
Public Hearing with Planning and Zoning/present final draft

August 2020:
Public Hearing with Council/Plan Adoption