Comprehensive Plan Schedule

November 12th, 2019:
Go over additional input sessions and draft public survey.

December 2019:
No meeting

January 13th, 2020:
Finalize public survey, 2 new Council members

February 10th, 2020:
Go over community profile chapters (introduction, planning process, history, and demographics).

March 9th, 2020:
Housing, Parks and Rec., Transportation, and Infrastructure

April 13th, 2020:
Community Facilities, Economic Development, Hazards, Ag, and Natural Resources

May 11th, 2020:
Land Use, Survey Results, and Goals/Implementation

June 8th, 2020:
Present draft to Council/Public Comment period

July 2020:
Public Hearing with Planning and Zoning/present final draft

August 2020:
Public Hearing with Council/Plan Adoption

Comprehensive Plan Schedule

The City of Stuart, in cooperation with Region XII Council of Governments, is preparing an update to the City of Stuart’s Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive plan is a strategic plan for the growth and development of the city. The following survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The link to the Stuart Public Input Survey can be found below: