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2015-2016 Stuart Community Visioning Program

Iowa's Living Roadways Community Visioning Program

In 2015, Stuart was one of ten communities chosen to participate in the Iowa Living Roadways Community Visioning grant program.  This is a partnership between Trees Forever, Iowa State University, the Iowa DOT, and private landscape architects from Bolton and Menk.  The types of projects of focus are:

–Transportation corridor enhancements


–Roadside park development


–Trail and sidewalk system planning

The program is a multi-stage process that is citizen led with opportunities for community members to give their input.

Goals of the Program

Our priority goals for the project include:

–Safe Routes to School/Pedestrian Safety


–Traffic Calming/Streetscape

–Park Plantings

Visioning Program Process Timeline

Final Design Concepts

Below are images of some of the design concepts the program found. Links to download full-size versions of the images are below each.

Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Community Identity and Wayfinding

Traffic Calming and Streetscape