Stuart Community Visioning Program

Iowa's Living Roadways Community Visioning Program

Stuart is one of ten communities chosen to participate in the Iowa Living Roadways Community Visioning grant program.  This is a partnership between Trees Forever, Iowa State University, the Iowa DOT, and private landscape architects from Bolton and Menk.  The types of projects of focus are:

–Transportation corridor enhancements


–Roadside park development


–Trail and sidewalk system planning

The program is a multi-stage process that is citizen led with opportunities for community members to give their input.

Goals of the Program

Our priority goals for the project include:

–Safe Routes to School/Pedestrian Safety


–Traffic Calming/Streetscape

–Park Plantings

Visioning Program Process Timeline

Final Design Concepts

Below are images of some of the design concepts the program found. Links to download full-size versions of the images are below each.

Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Community Identity and Wayfinding

Traffic Calming and Streetscape