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Stuart Enterprise for Economic Development (SEED)

What is SEED?

Stuart Enterprise for Economic Development (S.E.E.D.) is a non-profit corporation that was created over 40 years ago.  It was developed by business owners in Stuart to promote economic development.  These business owners devote their time as volunteers to create more opportunities within the community.

Since its inception, S.E.E.D. has contributed to a $5.3 million increase in valuation, collaborating with City officials on large projects, and acquiring blighted neighborhoods and increasing valuations by improving or building new properties.

Current and Future Projects

  • Residential Housing Developments – The City of Stuart and S.E.E.D.  have partnered on the development of three residential housing developments.  The City of Stuart provided an economic development grant to SEED to purchase the land for the housing developments and the City used TIF for the infrastructure costs.  In an effort to promote developers and individuals to build new homes, all lots are free except for legal and abstracting costs.  Over the course of 7 years, SEED and the City will have developed 95 lots available for single family residential homes.  Phase 1 and 2 housing developments created an approximate $4.1 million dollar increase in valuation.  Phase 1 homes have an average assessment of $198,600 and Phase 2 homes have an average assessment of $200,138.
  • Childcare Initiative –  S.E.E.D. contracted with First Children’s Finance to develop an optimal financial model for the operation of a quality, viable, and sustainable child care program. The purpose of this financial model was to assist the community in developing a new child care program.  In addition, SEED owned a building downtown and provided a discount on the sales price of the property to allow a local registered childcare provider to open a new childcare center.  She renovated the former office space into a childcare facility in October 2020. 
  • Kading Properties – S.E.E.D. sold land to Kading Properties to build a 42-unit townhome development.

Past Accomplishments

In 2001, S.E.E.D. collaborated with the City of Stuart and demolished a run-down, drug-infested trailer park and built an apartment complex which was sold and is now valued at $500,000.  S.E.E.D. has also partnered with Farmers Electric Co-op and built a spec warehouse in Stuart’s business park.  This was eventually sold to Wausau and has a valuation of $400,000 and provides the town with local jobs.

The non-profit purchased three dilapidated buildings in downtown Stuart, along with a development agreement with the City, demolished and sold the property to an investment company.  As a result, a Dollar General store was constructed and is valued at $300,000.  This also provides local jobs.

S.E.E.D. is aware of the benefits recreational activity brings to a town and how important Emergency Services are to the well-being of Stuart citizens.  Subsequently, they became the recipient of a grant to construct a walking/biking trail that is currently situated around the old athletic complex; and traded land with the City of Stuart so a helipad could be constructed to provide Life Flight an area to land in emergencies.

Membership in SEED

Joining the Stuart Enterprise for Economic Development is a great way to help make yourself a part in improving the quality of life and business in Stuart. Below is an application form with more information on joining.

SEED Membership Form

Current Members

  • Associations Inc
  • Bump & Bump Law Offices
  • Community Care Center, Inc.
  • Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone
  • Country Kitchen
  • Doe A Deer
  • First State Bank
  • Heart of Iowa Mutual Insurance Association
  • Johnie’s Tavern, Inc.
  • Marks Development Company, Inc.
  • Pine View Angus Farms Inc./Millie Varley
  • Rolling Hills Bank
  • Rose Acre Farm
  • Roy Sargent Building, Inc
  • Schwinger Lawn Service, Inc.
  • Stuart Appliance
  • Stuart Hometown Foods
  • Stuart Realty LLC
  • Stuart Veterinary Clinic P.C.
  • Tiernan Services
  • Town and County Insurance
  • Varley Law Office


Additional Information on Current Projects

City of Stuart Comprehensive Plan

Information about the City of Stuart’s Comprehensive Plan as of 2021 can be found at the following page:

City of Stuart Comprehensive Plan

All Saints Addition

The All Saints Addition is a housing development on the east side of Stuart featuring 39 lots for development of single-family residential homes. Lots are free, except for legal and abstracting costs. More information can be found here.

Wambold Additions

The Wambold Additions are new housing developments on the eastern side of Stuart built to encourage community development and to encourage people to move to Stuart. The first addition consists of 32 lots that were mapped along a new road built as an extension of 2nd Street. The lots have all been built upon. Construction is currently beginning in the 2nd addition, and some lots are still available. For more information on the project, visit the full page here.

Community Visioning

Stuart is one of ten communities chosen to participate in the Iowa Living Roadways Community Visioning grant program.  This is a partnership between Trees Forever, Iowa State University, the Iowa DOT, and private landscape architects from Bolton and Menk. The project looked at what various improvements could be made to Stuart’s roadways, sidewalks, and park development. For more information on the project, view the full page here.