Utilities and Other Resources

Stuart Utilities

Electricity & Water

Water and electricity are provided to residents from the City of Stuart. At initial setup, there is a connection fee as well as a deposit required at that time.
Bills can be paid in a couple different ways:
Payment can be dropped off in person at City Hall. The address is 119 E Front St. (either in the office or in the drop box outside the building).
Payment can also be mailed to City Hall.

For more information, you can call City Hall at 515-523-1455.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas in the Stuart area is provided by MidAmerican Energy Company. More information can be found at their website HERE.


Telephone service for the Stuart area is provided by Century Link.

The area code for Stuart is 515. No long distance charge is applied for calls made from Stuart to nearby towns, such as Menlo and Dexter, or to Des Moines and nearby suburbs. For those calls, you simply need to dial the 7-digit phone number. Any other calls will typically require you to dial 1, the area code, then the 7-digit number.

Century Link Website


The zip code for the City of Stuart is 50250. Typically, you can have your mail sent to the mailbox near your home. Additionally, for a fee, you can have mail sent a P.O. box at the local post office.

To have mail delivery started, or to get yourself a P.O. Box, stop by the Stuart Post Office at 208 NE 2nd Street, or try calling at 515-523-2716.

Stuart Post Office Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday:   8:00am – 4:30pm
Saturday:   8:00am – 10:30am
Sunday and Holidays:   Closed


Cable TV can be provided to Stuart residents by Mediacom. For more information, visit their website HERE.

Satellite television can be provided by DirecTV, as well as DISH Network.

DirecTV Website
DISH Network Website


Internet in the Stuart area can be provided by a few different options.

Menlo-based company Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association Inc. is one option for home DSL. Their website can be found HERE.
Century Link also offers DSL service to the Stuart area. More information HERE.

Cable Internet
Mediacom offers cable internet service to Stuart. Website HERE.

Garbage Collection

Trash Pickup Days:
South of Front Street   –   Monday
North of Front Street and east of Division Street   –   Thursday
North of Front Street and west of Division Street   –   Friday

Trash Limitations:
Each property is limited to 2 total bags of trash each week.
These bags cannot have a combined weight of more than 130 lbs. If you have more than the limit, you can purchase stickers for additional trash at City Hall.

Things Not to Include:
Recyclable Materials
Hazardous Waste
Yard Waste (grass clippings, weeds, leaves, etc.)
Lumber, plaster, iron, oil, batteries, tires, appliances, furniture, etc.

What to do With Yard Waste?
The city brush site is located on the north side of SE 6th St, between Madison and Sherman St. No man-made materials are allowed.


Recycling Bins:
Bins are located at the Adair County Recycling Center, located in front of the City Utilities Shed. This is in the alley behind Los Altos, near the Car Wash.

These bins can be used to recycle the following:
Newspapers, magazines, phone books, other mixed paper
Steel/Tin/Aluminum Cans
Clear Glass
Plastic Bags, Milk Jugs, Other Plastics

Can Redemption:
Pop and beer cans and bottles can be recycled at the West Central Redemption Center. This is located at 121 S Division Street, in the alleyway north of the car wash.
West Central Redemption Center can be contacted at 515-523-1400